That was then, this is NOWTRO

  • Aleutian JuiceSurfboards By Dave Parmenter
  • Early Years FilmmakerDave Parmenter
  • Have PlanerWill Travel
  • When NowtroWas Now!
  • Handmade SurfboardsHawaii, California, Australia
  • First Single-Fin Shaped in 1975


“That Was Then….This Is Nowtro.

When is ‘retro’ a pose? And when is ‘now’ the Emperor’s New Clothes?

For 30 years surfer/shaper Dave Parmenter has ignored the rise and fall of hemlines, designing surfboards that work for blue-collar surfers in real-life waves. Borrowing proven design components from the past and the present, Parmenter’s  Aleutian Juice Surfboards label focuses on how a board feels under your feet, rather than how it looks under your arm.

Shaping and surfing on the rugged central coast of California and in the Hawaiian Islands, Parmenter has spent decades refining each of the various designs he has developed, a number of which spearheaded modern originals like the Stubb-Vector, the Widow-maker, and the olo-like Paddle/Surf Vehicle.

For all of his career Dave Parmenter has worked in a backyard setting, never advertising or seeking out orders other than from a select clientele of extended family and friends. Available to the public now for the first time, Parmenter’s Aleutian Juice Surfboards are offered to the serious surfer interested in riding a board designed and hand-built by one of the most experienced and versatile surfer/shapers in the world.

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